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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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those storms for us as we speak. >> glenn: that's right. again, it looks like our forecast in central florida, quite stormy. right now live radar currently rain-free over land but building out to our west is a big area of showers and thunderstorms. right now scattered showers mainly offshore, again, moving from south to north. they are not moving back over towards the coastline. if you see some lightning flashes out to the east, again, that's moving away. here's what's coming. this is the main area of showers and thunderstorms earlier in the day we had numerous tornado warnings. right now just severe thunderstorm warnings. up across the panhandle, it is moving in our direction, but the good news, i've noticed already over the last one to two hours, instead of one solid line it's broken up into two pieces, which is actually great news. these storms here and the energy ahead of it will aid in weakening the main line behind it. but right now we will have rain and storms beginning to move through the area. here's the amount of lightning, the amount of lightning has been cut down quite a bit over the last two to three hours but still plenty of lightning is expected out to the west.
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metro orlando, again, major rain expected for tonight. we'll talking about more about this county by county with the latest forecast coming up. >> bob: you can track the overnight weather by downloading our fry fox 35 weather app. go to the app store or google play or text iphone or android to 87057. a crime alert tonight, crime scene tape surrounding a home in pine hills. deputies say that a mother and her daughter were found brutally murdered. and tonight deputies are continuing to gather clues as they're working to try to identify a suspect in what has been described as just a horrific crime him the bodies were found this afternoon in a house in pine hills. just north of colonial. fox 35's keith landry is live. been out there most of the day. he's at the sheriff's office now and has new details on the investigation. keith? >> keith: the orange county sheriff's office has just released new details within the
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they tell us the two victims here are a 36-year-old hispanic woman and her 16-year-old daughter. how tragic is that. we do not have their names yet. authorities will release their names after they notify their loved ones about this tragedy. a pine hills street is packed full of police cruisers, deputies seal off the street with yellow tape. crime scene experts photograph what appears to be a double murder scene inside a home on santa barbara road. neighbors like mr. williams are surprised by all of this. >> naturally i be shocked because this normally is a quiet neighborhood. we just don't really expect nothing like that to happen. >> the sheriff's office tells us a man who lives at the house left this morning about 7:45, and when he came home at 2:30 this afternoon, found the woman and teen dead inside. the sheriff's office spokesperson tells us both
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no specifics on that yet. >> graphic indeed. i don't understand why that would happen or how that would happen. >> a spokesperson tells us the man who discovered the two bodies is cooperating with detectives. they have not released his name. >> they did have some gentleman down there they were questioning >> and detectives are interviewing family and friends of the victims, trying to establish who the suspect might be in the case. one sort of curious factor that the sheriff's office told us about is, there are no signs of forced entry into the home. i'm sure they'll be looking at that quite a bit as they continue to piece this together. we are hoping to get the 9-1-1 call tomorrow which was made by the man who discovered the two victims. live in orange county, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> bob: a news alert tonight, passengers and crew evacuated from a flight at orlando international airport after the
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oia officials telling fox 35 there were nine passengers and three crew on board that silver airways plane. it was scheduled to fly to tallahassee. flames were spotted before the plane took off. nobody got hurt and silver airways tells us that it is putting the passengers up in hotels and they'll get them out on another flight tomorrow morning. new tonight at 11:00, the search will resume tomorrow for a missing alachua county woman now period dead. authorities believe the 23-year-old is no longer alive. alachua county deputies will resume the search in the morning. she was last seen more than three weeks ago. 28-year-old nelson armas is believed to have been the last person to see her alive. officials say he's a person of interest. he is in jail on an unrelated charge now. new tonight, the central florida community coming together to honor a former teacher of the year who was murdered. emotional ceremony to honor a
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there. >> reporter: hundreds of students and staff from rockledge high school came out tonight to remember beloved math teacher sandra cook, and they say tonight was a celebration of her life. >> she was more than my teacher. she was my mentor. she helped me get through anything. she pushed me. >> she proudly wears a sweatshirt with a photo of her and her favorite teacher, mrs. mrs. cook. she joined hundreds of students and staff at the football stadium tonight to remember the 54-year-old teacher, who was tragically killed. >> i could literally go to her with anything. ask for anything. she was just a teacher that was more than a teacher. she was a best friend and also a mom, and also a coach to most of the students. >> cook was found dead inside her brevard county home earlier this month after an apparent murder/suicide, according to melbourne police. >> we're trying to move away
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a celebration of her life. >> during tonight's memorial, dozens of students and staff shared their personal stories about cook, who was also a finalist for brevard county's teacher of the year. >> she was that kind of teacher. i've known her for years. just a wonderful person. you'll never find another sandy cook. >> and the students who spoke tonight said mrs. cook truly touched every student's life in some kind of way. reporting from brevard county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> bob: and a news alert tonight, the search will resume in the morning for a missing boater in brevard county. lloyd chamberlain, 17-foot recreational fishing boat washed ashore in indian harbour beach. a long time girlfriend says the 38-year-old launched his boat out of port canaveral, looking for some fish on sunday morning, but she hasn't seen him since. the search is focused now between satellite beach and patrick air force base. and now that crews have found the boat, the search can be even
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>> we've got a starting point. and from the starting point, we can start doing a grid and working our way out to try to find him. if he had his life jacket on, hopefully he did, his chances are good. >> the crews are using atvs to search the land, planes in the air and boats in the sea. stay tuned to fox 35 news for the latest. we do have new details about his one person of interest in the stabbing death of a 81-year-old man. investigators say that tessie gresham and her boyfriend, david buchan are persons of interest in the death of her father, julian gresham. he was found over the weekend in his taft home. yesterday both his daughter and buchan were baker acted for mental health valuations. as of right now, neither buchan nor tessie have been arrested in the death of her father. just ahead, daytona 500 weekend, a number of car break-ins at a big hotel right near the speedway.
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members of nascar driver jaime mcmurray's crew had their cars broken into over the weekend. 16 cars broken into. money, valuables, electronics, even a gun got stolen. >> assuming they climbed through the window, they went through the front, went through the glovebox. everything still remained locked. they went in the back and went through all the clothes, went through my golf bag, and just pretty much everything that i had, had been gone through and just made a mess of things. >> bob: police say they'll be doing more patrols through the weekend and they want people to be on the lookout and to keep their doors locked. >> garbage truck falling from an exit ramp and landing dozens of feet below, right in the middle of rush hour traffic in miami. sonni abatta taking us everywhere at 11:00. >> sonni: the driver is listed in serious condition at a miami hospital. police found the man outside the truck when they arrived. the truck was traveling on i-95 but it somehow went over the barricade and fell over onto the
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that was about 100 feet of a drop. no one on the street below was hurt. and the cause of that crash remains under investigation. 21 cases of the mosquito borne zika virus in the state of florida. a new case was reported today in broward county. it is now in eight counties state-wide, including osceola county. health officials are quick to point out these cases are travel-related, no cases so far have been acquired here in florida. and thousands of black tip sharks spotted off the coast of palm beach county, a professor took this video while tracking shark migration from miami beach north to jupiter inlet. so many sharks, so close, he says you could throw a pebble from the sand and hit a shark. most of the bites in florida attributed to the black tip. >> bob: new tonight, the city of oviedo are building a parking lot that costs almost a million dollars. fox 35's mike synan shows you where it is and wonders, is it worth it or wasted?
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city center is almost complete but to make it happen, they're going to need some parking. that parking lot is going to cost $950,000. oviedo on the park has been years and millions in the making. >> it was approved as a gathering place for our community. >> while the fountains, playground and more may be the perfect gathering place, people are wondering why a parking lot costs nearly a million dollars. >> what i didn't know about it, i guess we were kind of wondering when they had these big events, where they thought people were going to park. >> i can't believe that amount. i think it's crazy. >> the lot has to be big, more than 300 spaces to accommodate all the people that can sit at the new amphitheater, and the government plays a role. they had to deal with acres of wetlands and the americans with disabilities act. >> any government regulations, whether it's private sector building something or government, we all have to meet the same confines. so, yes, there are added costs to it. >> oviedo city council's adding its own cost, $50,000 to add
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light pole in the three-acre parking lot. >> have you ever used an electrical outlet on a light pole in a parking lot? >> never in my life. and i don't think i would use these, either. >> the city says vendors will use them for large events. they also have higher outlets for holiday light displays. mike synan, fox 35 news. >> bob: tonight, we are learning more about the health problems of the supreme court justice antonin scalia before his passing this weekend. justice scalia died at a texas resort on saturday. a judge who determined no autopsy was needed says that she consulted first with his doctor. scalia's doctor says he's had a history of heart problems and high blood pressure, but a friend of scalia's who had recently been on an international trip with him said that he seemed strong as ever. scalia was 79 years old. a central florida man making a difference tonight because of
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>> this is what i love, and that's joy. >> how this man is giving disabled people a chance to enjoy the beach. and local troopers taking a stand against hit-and-run drivers, the massive effort for awareness just ahead. a tram in a jam. how people ended up stuck in the air and why rescuers had to work quickly to get them out. one more thing. romance brewing for couples in wisconsin. on sunday, with beer in hand, couples took their vows at the lakefront brewery in milwaukee. the couples were ordained by an ordained brewery tour guide in an old-fashioned german chalet. the couples walked away from
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six-packs, t-shirts and a >> new tonight at 11:00, everyone should be able to enjoy a day at the beach but for the disabled it's always not the case. a man is making it possible for just about everyone to hit the sand. and his business is booming. all the details coming up. >> one of greg mcnair's clients wants to go to the beach for the first time since 2001. >> 15 years ago i've had an accident and i haven't been able to go to the beach since then because i have to walk with a cane.
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wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick, which gives ty wilson, who has multiple sclerosis, a chance to set off on his own. >> it's not depending on anybody, really, for once. on a beach out here, it gives you a sense of freedom. >> the chairs rent from 50 to $90 a day. a single battery charge lasts six hours. some chairs can enter the surf. the three-month-old business has grown from one chair to 10, with plans to expand to 30. but he says it's job satisfaction that motivates him. >> what they feel is what i love, and that's joy. when somebody gets on a chair and they look at me and they smile and they drive away, there's nothing better. >> current clients who he describes as fiercely independent raining in age from 12 to 100. steve harry -- the florida highway patrol kicking off a
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prevent hit-and-run crashes. troopers kicking off their hit-and-run awareness campaign today. they said in 2015 there were more than 92,000 hit-and-runs that killed 186 people all across florida. authorities caught just 12% of hit-and-run drivers that year. it is a crime the troopers say is destroying more lives every year in florida. >> that could be anybody's relative that is left there to die and it's a serious problem and people need to realize it is a crime. >> now trending across america tonight, here we go. there we go. more scandal for ex-new york governor ellio spitzer, a woman reporting she was assaulted by the former governor in a room at the plaza hotel in manhattan saturday night. the woman claims that the former governor choked her and shoved her after an argument. so far no charges have been filed. the camp saying, there is no
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a virgin atlantic flight heading to new york returns to london cockpit. sunday night. passengers called it frightening. so far no arrests have been made. underway. it was a tram in a jam on a ski slope in new hampshire on sunday. people stranded. mechanical failure causing the braking system to engage as dusk approached and frigid temperatures, rescue workers decided not to wait and they lowered the skiers down about 40 feet, using a sling, through a ski patch in the bottom of the tram. everyone lowered safely. no injuries reported. >> how cool is that? >> it's not the kind of day they had planned. they're looking at people skiing on the slopes, going, that could have been us. >> we're going to have quite the stormy night ahead of us. >> big changes on the way. it looks like right now the clouds, the humidity around, temperatures not too bad, still
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going to bubble up now overnight tonight. showers and storms are on the way, already starting to see the leading edge out here along the west coast. so some scattered showers. no threat of big outbreak of severe weather. could we have an isolated stronger severe storm? no doubt about that, we could, but the chance of that is even only running around 10%. not much. scatter the showers offshore moving away but the main batch is still out to our west, was producing tornados earlier today. it has been weakening since then. right now there's a watch for the potential of severe weather. one severe thunderstorm warning currently up just to the east of tallahassee. this is mainly going to be rain, some rumbles of thunder, possibly an isolated strong storm mixed in. 66 in ocala. 67 in melbourne. 65 in clermont. temperatures right now are running five to 20 degrees warmer tonight compared to last night. at the same time, due to the breeze out of the south, the humidity very high, the dewpoints are back into the
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the humidity running about 90%. 65 degrees, live picture across downtown orlando, southeasterly wind at 9 miles per hour. a line of showers and storms developing, moving through it looks like there could an isolated stronger severe storm so keep the weather radio on for the overnight. if you don't have that, with your phone you've got the fox 35 weather app, that will also send you warnings and of course you can also kind of wake up from your sleep in the middle of the night when you hear the rain and check the radar, kind of see where things are going on, and we'll be here all night tonight keeping an eye on it just in case. clearing early in the day for tomorrow. so there it is. the line of showers and storms out to our west, quickly advancing earlier today. snow changed over to rain. again, this front is weakening but it is very fast moving so it won't have a lot of time to completely fall apart but it will be definitely weakened as it does move through. 3:00 a.m., showers and storms in gainesville, approaching ocala. 4:00 a.m., rain and storms across sumter county, starting to move into lake county,
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into the metro area of orlando, seminole county, also through volusia county, northern osceola county, between about 4:00 and 5:30 in the morning. then the storms hit the brevard county coastline at about 6:00 a.m. by 7:00 a.m. they begin to weaken and then after that, it looks like the sky is beginning to clear. overall, a good-looking forecast as we go through our tuesday. so it begins with clouds. it ends with beautiful weather. 76 the high tomorrow. 72 on wednesday. and the sunshine continues right through the big race weekend. >> bob: i like it. dwight howard could be headed back to florida. but it's for that other nba team here in florida. reports say that talks are heating up between the miami heat and the houston rockets for the former magic star's services. potential trade would involve the heat's whiteside trade deadline is this thursday. so we'll see. big news for "star wars" fans. can't wait for episode 8. you've got to wait for the actual movie but there is a big -- the highly anticipated sequel and the new actors who
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shakes. cliff's collapsed in several places along the surrounding coast, spreading large clouds of billowing dust across the sea and hills. dramatic to see. mattel rolling out a 3-d printer for kids, an update on a toy rolled out in the 1960s. the thing maker works with apps that would let kids design new new -- send them wireless to the printer. it will cost about $300. and cameras are now rolling on "star wars" episode 8. the sequel to the blockbuster hit is also adding actors been been -- del toro and laura derns. episode eight will be released in december of next year.
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>> glenn: the rain and storms approaching. overnight tonight definitely rain, rumbles of thunder, severe weather risk looks like it will be quite low. but we'll keep an eye on it.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: blake shelton and luke bryan went to mastro's steak house separately but they had beef with each other. >> who do you want to sit next to at the grammys? >> luke bryan but he never gets nominated. >> like brian -- >> they're like the nickelback of country. harvey: luke's songs are legitimately good. >> they're not respects by the grammys. harvey: like "star wars" never gets nominated for best picture -- >> the first one did.


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